Sunday, October 31, 2010

118. Ready for Halloween!

I didn't want to take any chances that something
might happen to the fence, so............
sheeting will come off again tomorrow 
and I'll post an up to date shot of the entire fence.
Just posted 5 GREAT additions this morning too. 
Don't miss them!!!

117. On The Fence 10-31-10

Unlock isolation and speak to the (wall?)

116. On The Fence 10-31-10


115. On The Fence 10-31-10


114. On The Fence 10-31-10

I want to unlock kindness so people are nicer to each other.

113. On The Fence 10-31-10

I (heart) You

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

105. Up To Date a/o October 26, 2010!

OK, I've input everything, photos and stories, that was either on the fence last night, or in the "stories" box yesterday.  Another group of touching, funny and loving art.


*Oh, I've given each photo it's own post entry, so now it will be easier to make a "comment" under a photo.  

104. On A Story Postcard 10-26-10

This key is the symbol to find out why I misplace my keys!

103. On A Story Postcard 10-26-10

How much I miss my father who passed away on May 27, 2010.
He will always be in my heart.  I love you, Dad!!

102. On The Fence 10-26-10

I am the keeper of secrets (front)

I'll not judge you when I die - they go with me.

101. On The Fence 10-26-10

= ) !

100. On The Fence 10-26-10

The road to change takes lots of courage. (front)
Now the world is open (back)

99. On The Fence 10-26-10


98. On The Fence 10-26-10

: )

97. On The Fence 10-26-10

I love to laugh with you
Webster  ~ Mildred

96. On The Fence 10-26-10

; )

95. On The Fence 10-26-10

FRONT:  Meet me here 9/4/11
BACK:  For Money

94. On The Fence 10-26-10

: )

93. On The Fence 10-26-10

Empty nester found new peace

92. On The Fence 10-26-10

Not Quite Red But Blush(h)ing INSTead!  Like your cheeks. Lovely

91. On The Fence 10-26-10

Connect w/people. hug. shake hands.

90. On The Fence 10-26-10

(If anyone knows what this says, can you put it in "comments"?)

89. Today's Posts Running A Little Late...

Sorry if you're here to look at new photo's and stories! I haven't posted them yet because I'm in the midst of creating a spreadsheet of all the locks, keys and stories, so I can keep track of what has already been posted.  I'm so happy to have to do this because it means there is so much on the fence now that I can't visually keep track!  I don't want to post anything more than once, so bear with me while I work this out.

YEA for LAKP!  I'll try to post by the end of the day.

Keep checking back!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

88. New Photo's Coming Tomorrow

Just visited the fence, and AGAIN, there are new locks, keys and notes!  I think I've got about 12-14 new photo's to post, 2 stories to share, and will do both tomorrow!  Check back after lunch.........

Saturday, October 23, 2010

87. 17 New Photo's TODAY!

I just got back from the fence, and I've uploaded 15 new photos!  Full disclosure: the Miss You AHL and SGL are mine! And, oh so is the: Miss You Bean

Keep coming back everyone, and keep stopping by the fence and adding, adding, adding!

86. On The Fence 10-23-10

I feel the need & desire to unlock my heart
after a bitter divorce after 28 years of marriage.

Granddaughters open new chamber of love
in their Grandparents heart!
Jeff & Connie
Boston Red Sox

: )   : )   ; )   : )   : )

on back:
Paris, Florence, London, Chicago, NC, Costa Rica, Hope Town
FL,  Brussels, Rome, Puerto Rico, Belize, Isla Mujeres....... 

I (heart) The Cape

Miss You Bean

Miss You AHL

Miss You SGL

Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece

: )

R I P   My First Car

Closing one door and opening another

M O M 

: )

I (heart) ARK

: )        : )

Friday, October 22, 2010

85. New Photos Coming Soon.....

I noticed some new art on the fence last night, but it was too dark to photograph, so will go back today and post either later today, or tomorrow morning.

*Ripptones Rock!

84. "Comments" Box Now Available!

The "Comments" box is now working (it took me long enough to figure it out), and I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.  ; )

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So, I'm trying to figure out how all of you can leave comments, but just can't get it to work!  I'll keep trying, so keep checking back because I really really want to hear what you have to say!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

82. WOW!

I'm so excited that so many of you have visited the blog to look at the weekend's LAKP art and literature!  I know it takes a l - o - n - g  time to find your own lock, key or story, but hang in there.  There are lots of pages to get through, but well worth the effort!

THANKS for hanging, writing and looking!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

81. Everything from Natick Artists Open Studios weekend is posted!

I just finished posting both the photographs (approximately 85!) and the stories (37!) from the weekend event.  The locks, keys, tags, drawings and attachments are amazing, and the stories.....well, they are touching, thoughtful, sad, loving, and a few even made me cry.  It will take a while to browse through all of these entries, but I hope you find yours easily.

A few notes:
1) There is no order in regard to the photo's vs. the stories.  I just entered them in random order.  Some stories may be close to the lock or key that goes with it, but it would be coincidence only.
2) I put a : ) under photo's where there were no words, or I couldn't read them.
3) If I read your words wrong in any way, PLEASE email me and tell me what to correct! (
4) If you hung something on the fence, and there is no photo, PLEASE email me, and let me know what it looks like, and where it is on the fence.  I will go back and take a photo and post asap.  Same for a postcard that might be missing.

THANK you all for being so enthusiastic about this, and remember, you can come back and do more locks and keys and write more stories.  Please send the blog link to friends and family and tell everyone to join in on the fun!


80. On The Fence 10-17-10 (Created over Natick Artists Open Studios Weekend

The "Family" section of the fence!

Don't be afraid. We will always be here for you even if you -------- (?)
If everyone was perfect, life would be BORING!!
I would like to believe there is someone out there who sees our joy and pain. We may never see them, but they see us.  And they care.
Let got of your mask of ego, and see life as it is, Beautiful.

Friends   Future
Say goodbye to ....... ?